Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minor Leagues not Enough for Palin

So Sarah Palin resigns as Governor of Alaska. Is anyone really surprised? It's like a career minor leaguer getting called up to the bigs for a few months and then getting sent back down. As Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz said recently in the Boston Globe, “Any day in the big leagues is a better day than in the minor leagues...’’ Governor Palin discovered this following the Obama victory in November.

One day, she's jetting around the country in designer clothes speaking to the enthralled masses of Republican lap dogs, chatting with Katie Couric (whoops, maybe a bad example to bring up), and pressing the flesh with the most influential right wing big wigs in the country.

Then...nothing. It must have been a very cold December in Wassila when the bright lights went out.

She played the good soldier for six months, digging back into Alaska state politics thinking that with a little more seasoning, she'd be ready for another shot at the majors. Well, as Buchholz and many others players have discovered, once you get that taste, you need more. As Governor, she had to concern herself with pesky ethics rules and the day to day doldrums of Alaskan politics (all due apologies to those of you from our 49th state, but compared to national politics, fishing rights and natural gas pipelines don't cut it for a glory hound). Freed from the responsibility of her elected office, she is now free to make her move back to the big leagues.

Instead of local salmon suppers with constituents, she can roam the country beating the drum for the GOP and feast at $10,000 a plate fundraisers with Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove and the rest of them. Beats frozen dinners with Todd and the brood any day.

So Palin has made her own break and didn't wait for the big club to call again. Where does she go from here? Her own talk show? The Fox News Channel would clear it's prime time schedule for her. The long awaited book tour? Soccer Moms will be lined up around the block. At the very least, she could start her own blog - wouldn't Ann Coulter love that? Whatever she has planned, I bet she'll find those bright lights of the big leagues again.

The only question will be: is she ready? Clearly, she wasn't last time and had to be sent back to the minors. When baseball players are sent down, the work on their skills to earn another shot. What has Palin worked on?

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