Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quantum of Solace Review

By the time I recovered from the headache induced by the frantic editing of the initial chase scene, I was already annoyed by this film. Maybe I'm just a Bond purist (Live and Let Die and Diamonds are Forever being my personal favs), but I like my Bond to show a little personality. Daniel Craig's laconic performance for the first three quarters of the film didn't do it for me. Until he connects with his Bolivian partner and finds out they share the hunger for revenge, I don't think he says a dozen words.

Call me crazy, but I miss the gadgets, too. I did appreciate the homage to Goldfinger in the demise of the lovely Miss Fields.

It almost appeared the fast editing and multiple setting shifts drove the plot instead of the other way around. I realize they are setting us up for multiple sequels with the Quantum conspiracy, but there were to many plot holes and unanswered questions.

There was plenty of exciting action sequences with the individual battle in Siena, Italy my favorite.

After the complex Vesper Lind character from Casino Royale, this Bond girl seemed a bit flat (not that way, of course. She is, after all, a Bond girl).

As usual Dame Judi Dench was a treat as "M". I thought there was more chemistry between her and Bond than there was between the two Bond girls. At least with the "reboot" of the franchise, they had the sense to keep her on board.

If you're an action film fan with no concern for the Bond mythology, there's a lot to like about this film. For a Bond purist, however, I left the theater feeling a bit empty.
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